Fire school

Fire The School of Fire is one of the six schools of magic at Ravenwood Academy. It trains its students, known as Pyromancers, to "burn" their enemies and deal damage over time. Initially, Fire Spells deal low amounts of damage, but they stack on and eventually deal high amounts of damage. Pyromancers will keep the pain coming.

Motto: "If the mind is like a candle, the heart is like the sun."


Dalia Falmea teaches al
Dalia falmea
l classes at the School of Fire and has been the professor there for six years. Her likes are sunrises, and her dislikes are sunsets. Her favorite spell is Meteor Strike, and her least favorite spell is Blizzard.

The more experience a Pyromancer gains, the more spells he/she can visit Dalia to learn.


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